Bunga Telur MakSu


Last day of February 2009, the 28th we went for a day trip to Johor. We went to Ayer Hitam to look for Bunga Telur for MakSu's wedding. Ayah, Ibu and me had breakfast at the Pagoh R&R while waiting for Atuk, Wan, MakSu & Acik Shahrul. After re-grouped with Atuk's rombongan and MakLong's family, we shoot off to Ayer Hitam. First priority is to find MakSu's bunga telur. Lama juga memilih.

Ayer Hitam is famous for it porcelain products, artificial flowers and also fruits but I persuaded ibu for a Ben 10 pillow instead. Actually Ayer Hitam is very close to Ayah's kampung; but as now Nenek is staying with PakLong in Bangi and Acu was outstation, we didn't singgah at Nenek's house.

On the way back kami singgah at Sabak Awur, somewhere in Muar for a seafood treats

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